Industrial Supply Syndicate

Sealed Diaphragm Pressure Gauge

INDUS make Diaphragm Sealed pressure gauges, also known as Chemical Seal Gauge are recommended where the fluid is highly corrosive, contaminated, viscous or liable to crystallize inside the system. Diaphragm seals is use to isolate the measuring system of the gauge from the corrosive Liquid. The gauge above the diaphragm seal is filled with Silicon Oil, which transmit the pressure acting on diaphragm to the bourdon tube. The gauge and diaphragm seal can also be separated with capillary tube up to 5Mtr in length.

Features :

  • Case with or without Glycerin filling.
  • Can be fitted with electrical Contact for Alarms & Signals for various process applications.
  • For Use upto Full Scale Value.
  • Available in measuring Units like Kg/Sqcm, PSI, BAR, MPa, Kpa & Dual Scale.
  • PTFE Coating (optional) for use in corrosive materials.

Technical Specifications:

  • Enclosure - Die Cast Aluminum Weather Proof case or SS 304 Bayonate Case  
  • Dial size - 63, 100 & 150mm
  • Range - 0 to 1 Kg/cm2 up to 250 kg /cm2 in Pressure, Compound.  
  • Bourden - AISI SS 316.
  • Movement - AISI SS 304
  • Sensing Element  - AISI SS 316 / Spring Steel diaphragm
  • Diaphragm Protection - Teflon, Silver foil (For Chlorine) Stainless Steel.
  • Top Chamber - SS-304
  • Bottom chamber  - SS 304 / SS 316.
  • Blowout Disc - Provided
  • Pointer - Aluminum , Zero Adjustment pointer
  • Dial  - Aluminum with Black / Red Marking in White Background
  • Window  - 3mm mm thick Transparent Glass / Shatter-proof Glass
  • Over Range Protection - 30% above Max. Pressure
  • Mounting - Direct with Bottom Entry.
  • Connection - Flange type or Standard threaded type 3/8” or ½” BSP / NPT (M) SS 304 or SS 316
  • Capillary - Up to 5 Mtrs solid drawn Steel Capillay with SS armour (Optional)
  • Accuracy : +/- 1% FSD
  • Optional - Glycerin Filled & Contact and Alarm.

It is mainly used as a protection device to prevent corrosion, clogging or freezing of Bourden tube element from material such Urea, Tar, Crude, Slurry etc. in Chemical Plant & Machineries, Refineries, Power Plants, Steel & Fertilizer Plants etc.