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INDUS make Liquid Column Manometers are used for precision measurement of pressure, differential pressure and flow measurement in plants and laboratories where certain accuracy is required.

  • Manometers
  • U Tube Manometer
  • Inclined Tube Manometer
  • Absolute Vacuum Manometer
  • Mc leod gauge

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U Tube Manometer

Application  : INDUS Make U Tube Liquid column manometer is use to determine velocity and static pressure, leakage, fan efficiency and gas pressure.

Manometer have ‘u’ shaped tube, half filled with liquid (water / mercury /  sp gr 0.81 ). When both the tubes are open, the liquid is at the same


Inclined Tube Manometer
INDUS Make  Inclined Tube Manometer utilize expanded scales for unusual sensitivity for fast, easy reading of low pressures, draft of small differential pressure. They are available in simple Standard Models as well as extreme precision inclined Manometers.

Acrylic Body

Absolute Vacuum Manometer

INDUS mercury filled Absolute pressure Manometer is used for accurate measurement of process vacuum in its last stages. They have been found useful and reliable in place of vacuum gauges, particularly in process where accurate vacuum measurement is essential. A catch pot is separately attached to the manometer to protect it from dust moisture