Industrial Supply Syndicate

U Tube Manometer

Application  : INDUS Make U Tube Liquid column manometer is use to determine velocity and static pressure, leakage, fan efficiency and gas pressure.

Manometer have ‘u’ shaped tube, half filled with liquid (water / mercury /  sp gr 0.81 ). When both the tubes are open, the liquid is at the same height in each leg (tube/limbs). When positive pressure is applied to one leg the liquid is forced down in that leg and up in the other. The difference in the height, which is the sum of the reading above and below zero, tells you the pressure. When vacuum is applied to one leg, the liquid rises in that leg and falls in the other. The difference in the height indicates the amount of vacuum.


Details :

  • Type - Industrial Grade, High Accuracy
  • Make - Industrial Supply Syndicate
  • Brand - INDUS
  • Range -  As mentioned in offer
  • Least Count  - 1mm
  • Accuracy : +/- 0.5 % of FS
  • Indicating Liquid  - Water, SP Gr 1
  • Mounting  - Wall Mounting
  • Casing  - Black Powder Coated casing from three sides with 2mm thick clear acrylic front
  • Scale - 2.5 mm thick Milky white Acrylic Scale, with Black Marking graduated in mm Slot for zero adjustment will be provided.
  • Metering tube  - Straight BOROSIL Glass tube gland packed in end block to facilitate easy removal.
  • Top & Bottom Block - Aluminium with Gland nut.
  • Connection  - Brass Nozzle of 1/8” BSP x 6 mm (Nickel Plated)
  • Packing  - Teflon / Neoprene.

Arrangements :

  • Knob for Scale Zero Adjustment externally will be provided
  • User & Installation Manual will be provided.

Standard Ranges : Unit - mmWc, mm of Hg, Equivalent is PSI and other units as per Customers’ requirements.


50-0-50 250-0-250 760-0-760
80-0-80 300-0-300 800-0-800
100-0-100 400-0-400 1000-0-1000
150-0-150 500-0-500 -
200-0-200 600-0-600 -
Ranges in mmWC - -


Manometer can also be manufactured for range above 2000 mmwc to 20000 mmwc against order.