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Vacuum Pressure Measuring Gauges

Pressure gauges are used for a variety of industrial application-specific pressure monitoring applications. Uses include visual monitoring of air and gas pressure for compressors, vacuum equipment, process lines.

Our range of pressure gauge includes :
  • Utility Pressure Gauge
  • Sealed Diaphragm Pressure Gauge
  • Draft Gauge

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Utility Vacuum Pressure Gauge

Technical Specification

  • Case -  Drawn Steel, black Coated
  • Standard Dial sizes - 40/50/63/100/150/250 mm
  • Pressure Ranges : -760 mm Hg to upto 600 Kg/cm2 Pressure, Vacuum and Compound
  • Ammonia Application - Range -30 PSI to 150 PSI & 300 PSI
  • Sensing Element

Weatherproof Pressure Gauge

These Gauges are versatile bourdon tube based device with SS 304 movement. Stainless steel construction offers a good combination of corrosion resistance and value. All Stainless Steel Construction Pressure Gauge, Full Blow-Out Protection, Glycerin fillable cases. Pressure Gauges designed and manufactured to minimize failure and to protect


Sealed Diaphragm Pressure Gauge

INDUS make Diaphragm Sealed pressure gauges, also known as Chemical Seal Gauge are recommended where the fluid is highly corrosive, contaminated, viscous or liable to crystallize inside the system. Diaphragm seals is use to isolate the measuring system of the gauge from the corrosive Liquid. The gauge above the diaphragm seal is filled with


Draft Gauge (Draught Gauge)

With the assistance of our advanced technology, we put forward precisely developed Draft Gauge. Our Draft Gauge series is reckoned for excellent construction, accurate results, and dependability. The Draft Gauges can be used for measuring extremely low pressure. We make available Draft Gauges in standardized as well as custom-made designs. We


McLeod Gauge

Model : VCT-525

Ranges Available

  • 1mmHG x 0.001 mmHG
  • 10 mmHG x 0.01 mmHG

INDUS make Mc-leod gauges measures absolute vacuum in its very last stages.
Model No : VCT-525, Mc-Leod Gauge, with stand & 1st fill Mercury.