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Temperature Thermometers

By making use of quality packing material, we are able to ensure that the orders will remain free from damage during transit. Also, our expert packing personnel strictly check the entire lot before final dispatch. The product basket we deliver is available in Kolkata(India) and across the nearby markets ensuring complete customer satisfaction.

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Dial Thermometer

INDUS Thermometers enable measurement of temperature with an accuracy of +1% of the maximum scale value. This kind of thermometer system comprises a sensor bulb, transmitting capillary and a case containing a Bourdon Tube element. The system is filled with pressurized mercury/ GAS. Temperature variation is measured by the Bourdon Tube system,


Infrared Thermometer

The Underlying technology for infrared Radiation Pyrometer is Based on the principle that all objects emit radiation at wave - lengths in the infrared region of the electromagnetic radiation spectrum. Infrared is that portion of the electromagnetic spectrum that lies beyond the visible (blue to red, 0-4~0.75um) Response of the human eye.


Glass Thermometer

We offer wide Range of Glass thermometers in Red/Blue  Alcohol & Mercury as sensing liquids. Thermometers are designed for various Laboratory, Metrological, Agricultural & Industrial Applications.


Digital Thermometer

Our organization is engaged in offering a huge range of digital thermometers.
Our products are available in easy to use, attractive and light weight designs.  


These thermometers are mend to give most accurate results.

  • Digital Panel Mounted Temperature Indicators &